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sea landscapes in australia - Hello Rita,

I just discover your virtual gallery and appreciate your landscapes of AUSTRALIA especially sea and waves. I ´ll be interested to know more about the representation in oil painting about the movment of the waves. Is it difficult to realize ?
I like the Koala also.
A new member of the forum :)
re : sea landscapes in australia - Hullo Marie,

Thanks for visiting my gallery and for your comments.

As far as painting seascapes is concerned, it would be virtually impossible to condense the lessons learned (and still being learnt) over more than 30 years into a few sentences. Basically all I can really suggest is to spend as much time as possible watching and studying the sea, sketching it, taking photographs of it, studying the work of other artists and, most important of all, simply practise, practise
re... : sea landscapes in australia - Thank you for your reply. Hope it´ll be very useful for me because I would like to realize a landscape of sea with waves in acrylic. It´s important to get informations from artist who practise this art since a long time.
I have noticed also your animals paintings. Do you realize them from photos or do you go in the nature to represent them on the paper ?
I have also realized many drawings about australia fauna. Perhaps, I´ll put them on this site.
A new membe
re... : sea landscapes in australia - Hi Marie,

Animals - yes, I work almost entirely from photographs because most of them don´t stay still long enough to be sketched in any detail. Cats, of course, will pose fairly obligingly (provided they are in the mood).

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